Sarah Stipe

Keleen Miskin is a an amazing woman who has helped me grow in so many ways. She has transformed my voice by strengthening my transition from chest to head voice and increased my range all while teaching me to not only become a strong singer, but a strong performer. I would call her "The Top Vocal Teacher in Georgia" and know of many who account her for producing some of the strongest voices in Georgia. She is an phenomenal role model and has instilled discipline, motivation, and drive in me. I am privileged to call her my voice teacher.

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Chase Crandell

Mrs. Keleen Miskin has been such a great help to me and my singing career. I came to her as a boy who would love to just belt as loud as he could to hit those high notes, and Keleen has helped me greatly in how to sing correctly and to not hurt myself, and also sound a lot better. Perfect practice makes perfect, she always says, and that is definitely true. Practicing the technique truly helps your voice, and the time flies while doing it. I will always keep in touch with her, and ask her for advice when singing a song even when I’m out at college. Thanks Mrs. Keleen for everything!

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Private Vocal Coach - Keleen Rae Vocals

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Keleen Rae Vocal Studio

Keleen Rae Miskin

KRV Studio is in the Alpharetta Area

off of GA 400 exit 10.

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