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I love working with Singers!  Everyday I have the blessing of making my way to my vocal studio and listening to some of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.  It is a great way to spend the day!


But those voices weren’t always...beautiful.  Some were weak, some straining for pitch, some were even scared to make a joyful noise.  


That’s where I step in...


In the Keleen Rae Vocal Studio we identify your vocal challenges and start knocking them out by providing you with effective tools that bring you vocal success.  The kind of success that gives you ease for greater range, power with out strain and passion for telling a story!




Private 30 Minute Lesson

30 min  |  $50.00

If you are coming into the studio for the first time and just want to see what I do and get to know me this is a great option.

Private 45 Minute Lesson

45 min  |  $75.00

This is a great option if you want enough time to really work on technique but also some time to dive into a song!

Private 60 Minute Lesson

1 hr  |  $100.00

This is a great option if you need time to work on technique and you've got an audition or performance coming up and need time to work on that perfect song!


Private Vocal Coach - Keleen Rae Vocals

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Keleen Rae Vocal Studio

Keleen Rae Miskin

KRV Studio is in the Alpharetta Area

off of GA 400 exit 10.

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